Experience the difference of shopping at a local, independently owned FAMILY business!

You know the benefits of purchasing a high-quality coating like Benjamin Moore.  We know that you need a skilled painter to apply these coatings that you have invested in.

If you aren’t going to apply the paint yourself, then please trust our paint team to apply them for you!

Once you book your complimentary in-home quote, we will provide a detailed quote to you that specifies all work to be done.

We fully warrantee our work and will follow the job from Quote to Payment to make sure you are happy with our work.

 Most of the work in applying paint is in the preparation.  Our painters will:

  • Protect your home and your belongings during the painting process.
  • Fix all the visible dents and bumps;
  • Remove and reinstallation faceplates;
  • Smooth and prime surfaces where needed; and
  • skillfully apply only Benjamin Moore products in the colours and sheens you have specified.

You can also use one of our Interior Decorators* to help select the right colours, products and sheen for your home or workplace.

We also do specialty services such as wallpaper application, painting of cabinets, creative paint designs and specialty products such as ScuffX, Noteable and Chalkboard paint.

We keep track of all colours and products used in your home or business in our store system for future reference.

Book your complimentary in-home Painting quote today using our handy on line booking tool!  This way you find a time the is convenient to you and will receive a reminder email!


*The payment for the Interior Decorator’s time will be taken off the final price of the paint job at the time of billing.