Working with White & Brights

Working with White & Brights

What do you do if you want to have some colour along with a perfectly lovely white like OC-117 Simple White?  Here are some tips on how to use colour with Simply White.

When you are looking at the white head-on the white and blue contrast makes it look cut-out from the wall and gives it a three dimensional quality.

In the past, we often recommended putting colour on an accent wall, but you can move away from having an accent wall, by using a little bit of colour over a smaller surface, a “pop” of colour rather then an entire wall.


Yellow and white make a great combination for a kitchen.  Yellow is sunny and bright. It makes the space feel lively and warm. I know it is hard to pick such a vibrant colour but “be brave”, it is only paint!

It is not just the colour of the paint that makes a difference, but also the sheen you pick.  In this picture, we used a product called Advance in the Pearl sheen on the fireplace, to match the high sheen of the furniture.


You can use colour to frame what is outside like a piece of art and then make it noticeable using accents (black inner frame, white outer frame).

On the left hand side of this photo you can see that we used warm and cool tones to create contrast.  These bright colours are usually found in children’s rooms.  Also notice the orange stripe in the carpet.  This helps tie it altogether!

On the right hand side is another example of using black & white to accent an area. Notice in the mirror, black trim was used inside the door frame with white walls (like a negative photo).  This use of black also helps to tie the floor into the rest of the room.


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